Ozone PU Crete SL

Medium duty polyurethane floor for aggressive environment.



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Description Ozone PU Crete SL is a single layer, seamless, solvent-free polyurethane flooring system with a smooth matt finish surface.
Colors Light Grey, Mid Grey, Slate Grey, Tile Red, Yellow, Magnolia, Blue, British Racing Green, Mushroom, etc.
Uses Ozone PU Crete SL is used in situations subject to constant exposure to aggressive chemicals, high heat cleaning, and mechanical abuses. Especially suitable for production and repair premises, workshops, dairies, laboratories, exhibition halls, power stations, chemical plants, beverage production, pharmaceutical, wastewater treatment plants, and food production and processing.
Advantages High chemical resistance.
High impact resistance.
Easy to clean and sterilize the anti-slip surface.
High thermal shock resistance for hot water and steam cleaning.
Wide service temperature -15 C to 80 C.
Quickly and easily applied by semi-skilled labor.
High abrasion resistance for heavy vehicular traffic.
Good alternative to expensive acid-resistant tiles.
Technical Data
Mixing ratio


Packaging 25 kg bag
Storage Store in dry and cool place below 35 C. Protect from direct sunlight.
Shelf life 12 months if stored properly in original unopened packaging.
Instruction for use Base Concrete Requirements:

2 Minimum compressive strength 30 N/mm2
3 Minimum cement content 300 kg/m3
Minimum slump 75 to 90 mm
Maximum air content 3%

It is recommended to add a suitable Ozone concrete admixture to improve its properties.
Placing: The concrete slab is ready for the Ozone Hardtop M when a thumb pressed hard onto the surface only leaves a ‘print’ of about 3 – 5 mm depth. Broadcast the mix evenly by hand or with a suitable spreading device. Apply approximately 5 to 10 kg/m² in two applications. With manual application, the surface bleed water should be removed or allowed to evaporate and Ozone Hardtop M should be sprinkled onto
2 2 the screeded concrete evenly in 2 stages: (1st stage 5-6 kg/m , 2nd stage 3-4 kg/m ). Care should be taken to apply the powder so as to avoid creating ripples etc. on the concrete surface. Casting Ozone Hardtop M powder carelessly or further than 2 meters from point of casting will reduce the consistency of finish. Wait until the Ozone Hardtop M has been evenly moistened by the water in the concrete. The first
stage should be worked into the slab using a low-speed mechanical trowel, held perfectly flat, followed immediately with the sprinkling on of the second measurement of Ozone Hardtop M. Ozone Hardtop M results in the slab surface becoming stiff more quickly than usual. Careful trimming should take place along the edges where adjoining slabs are to be poured. Final finishing to close pores and remove undulations
can be achieved either by hand or power trowel.
Note: If parts of the surface come loose or if the laitance rises, this means the concrete is still too fresh.
Smoothing: As soon as the plasticity or initial set allows, perform preliminary smoothing with the same machine running at low speed but equipped with metal smoothing blades, set at a minimum angle. Any final smoothing required should be performed later with the machine running at high speed. It can be finished in manual way also.
Joints: Contraction joints, expansion joints, and floor joints should be saw-cut only after 24 hours. When the slab
has hardened, the joints can be filled with the appropriate sealant in accordance with the floor
Curing: Proper curing and sealing is required. Sufficient manpower is required to produce consistent results on
large placements. To make more dense and water-resistant apply Ozone PU Sealer as a curing compound
2 on fresh concrete(coverage 8-10 m2/Ltr).
2 Light traffic 3kg/m2
2 Medium Traffic 5kg/m2
2 Heavy Traffic 10kg/m2

Cleaning & Disposal Clean tools and equipment with soap and water before material hardens. Do not dispose of into water or soil but according to local regulations.
Precautions & Limitations Air-entraining admixtures may complicate finishing operations and cause blistering. Contact the Ozonemcompany if application of this product will be over air-entrained concrete with more than 3% total air content.
Health & safety Ozone Hardtop M is alkaline and should not come into contact with skin and eyes. Avoid inhalation of dust during mixing. Gloves, goggles and dust mask should be worn. If contact with skin, wash with water. Splashes to eyes should be washed immediately with plenty of clean water medical advice sought.

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