Two part acrylic polymer modified elastomeric cementitious coating.


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Description Ozone Seal-505 is a two part acrylic polymer modified elastomeric cementitious water proofing & protective coating, composed of best quality Portland cement, properly selected & graded aggregates, additives & acrylic emulsion polymer as a binder. Once applied, its integral bonding takes place within the
pores of the substrate, a waterproof shield is formed which seals the inner structure of the treated surface. Ozone Seal-505 prevents intrusion of water, yet allows entrapped moisture to be released.
Uses Cast-in-place and pre-cast concrete.
Brick, block, stucco, unglazed terra cotta.
Porous stone, masonry substrates.
Exterior or interior.
Above or below grade applications.
All types of structures in industrial, commercial and residential areas, coastal environments.
To reface and even out variations in concrete surfaces.
Waste water treatment plants.
To protect exposed steel rebars from corrosion.
As a waterproof coating for roofs.
To provide protection to concrete surfaces from carbonation and chloride attack.
As a lining for water retaining structures.
Potable water tanks.
Basements, terraces, balconies and roof gardens.
Retaining and sea walls
Swimming pools.
Sealing hairline cracks, not subjected to movement.
As a baking to marble, tile and granite to prevent water ingress and thus alleviate surface staining.
Advantages Ozone Seal-505 is highly resistant to standing water or wind driven rain and is intended for use on vertical and horizontal surfaces.
Waterproof, Allows water vapor to escape from the structure.
Highly resistant to the effects of long term weathering.
Durable in all climatic conditions.
Excellent bond to concrete and masonry.
Does not require over coating.
A 1mm coating provides anti carbonation cover equivalent to over 80cm of concrete.
Ozone Seal-505 can be applied on 24 hour old concrete thereby giving immediate protection.
Properties Typical properties of mixed material:

Pot life at 20°C 1Hour
Colors Grey ,White and Green
Density 1.75 Kg/ltr
Adhesion 2to 3 N/mm (ASTM D4541)
Modulus of elasticity 19000 N/mm Approx.
Coefficient of thermal expansion 13.10-6 Approx.
Compressive strength 35N/mm (According to EN 196-1)28 Days
Flexural strength 10N/mm (According to EN 196-1)28 Days
Tensile strength 4N/mm (According to DIN 53455)14 Days
Packaging 17kg Kit(Powder 12kg+ liquid 5Ltr) 34 Kg Kit(Powder 24kg+Liquid 10Ltr)
Storage Store in dry and cool place below 35°C. Protect from direct sunlight.
Shelf life 12 months if stored properly in original unopened packaging.
Instruction for use Surface preparation: All surfaces to be coated must be clean and structurally sound. Chip, sand or shot blast, wet blast or high pressure water wash to remove all foreign matter, dust, dirt, paints, oils, grease, coatings, laitance or any other surface contaminants. All static cracks or breaks, voids or honeycombing larger than 1/32” should be cut out and repaired with polymer modified repairing mortar.
Mixing: Shake well the liquid component to a homogenous milky color , before mixing transfer entire quantity of liquid component into a suitable clean mixing vessel, gradually start addition of powder component under constant mixing with a stirrer using a pneumatic or electric power tool (1kw) at slow speed at 250 – 300 rpm for 3- 5 minutes to a homogeneous & uniform free flowing slurry.Application: Pre-dampen the substrate surface with water using a brush or spray bottle. High porosity substrates will require more dampening than dense substrates. Whilst the surface is damp, apply the material using a soft bristled brush (120mm-200mm wide) to achieve a minimum wet film thickness of 1mm. Application may also be made by roller, or spray machine. The first coat should be allowed to cure for a minimum of 5 hours at 20°C or 3 hours at 35°C prior to a second application, should it be required. This should also be applied to a minimum wet film thickness of 1mm. Pre-dampening of the substrate is not necessary prior to applying the second coat.
Spray application: For spray application the substrate should be prepared in the same manner as for brush application. The required film thickness can be achieved in one application.Coverage:

Coverage at 1mm thickness 8 – 10m² per 17 kg per two coats
Coverage at 0.5mm thickness 16 – 20m² per 17 kg per two coats
Cleaning & Disposal All tools and equipment should be washed with water immediately after use. Do not dispose off into water or soil but according to local regulations
Precautions/Limitations Do not apply Ozone Seal-505 to surfaces that have not been properly cleaned or are unsound. Do not apply in rain or when rain is expected before initial set has taken place. Do not apply to frozen or frost filled surfaces or when the temperature is below (4°C). For additional Information contact with Ozone
Construction Chemicals LLC.
Health & safety Ozone Seal-505 powder is irritating to the eyes, respiratory system and skin. Avoid inhalation of dust and wear suitable respiratory protective equipment. Ozone Seal-505 liquid is not classified as dangerous. Ozone Seal-505 when mixed, becomes highly alkaline, wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye protection.

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