Ozone PU Sealant

Single component polyurethane joint sealant.


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DescriptionOzone PU Sealant is a single part gun grade moisture curing low modulus polyurethane sealant which cure at room temperature 25°C to an environmentally safe, tough flexible sealant. Ozone PU Sealant is intended for use where a tough, flexible seal required.
Uses & BenefitsThe material has excellent resistance to biodegradation due to bacterial attacks in sewage tanks and reservoirs.
Use in expansion and contraction joints on bridge decks, floor joints, and construction Joints, marine, vehicle, and automotive parts.
Used on all types of commercial and residential buildings’ joints.
Boat, yacht building, window and door flames, ducting system, especially for cleanroom application.
Extreme bonding properties with a movement capacity ± 25%.
Standards complianceComplies with ASTM C920
Colorwhite, grey, black
Specific gravity1.15
Consistencynon-slump ASTM C639-5
Skin forming time50% RH: 90 – 120 mins
Tensile strength250 psi, 4Mpa ASTMD 412
Ultimate elongation600%
Elasticity modulus48 psi
Hardness shore A25 to 50 ASTMC 661


Resistance20 to 90°C Effect of
accelerated weatheringNo cracks ASTM 793

Chemical resistance: Ozone PU Sealant Is resistant to freshwater, seawater, aqueous chlorine-free cleaning solutions, and sewage effluent as well as diluted acids and caustic solutions; temporarily resistant to fuels, mineral oils, vegetable, and animal fats and oils; not resistant to organic acids, alcohol, concentrated mineral acids, caustic solutions or paint thinners. The above information is offered for general guidance only. Advice on specific applications will be given upon request.

Packaging600ml per sausage, 20 sausage per carton.
StorageStore in dry and cool place below 35 C. Protect from direct sunlight.
Shelf life12 months if stored properly in original unopened packaging.
Instruction for useSurface preparation: All joints should be thoroughly cleaned and any foreign matter was blown out. All old caulk or sealant should be removed. Care should be taken to remove any surface alkaline deposit from cement or concrete. Clean all glass or aluminum surfaces with a mineral spirit or mild solvent
prior to applying the sealant.
Application: Pierce cartridge membrane. Cut off the tip of the nozzle. For satisfactory results, the adhesive must be applied with a piston-type cartridge gun (hand-operated or compressed-air). To ensure a uniform thickness of the adhesive bead, we recommend that the adhesive be applied in the form of a triangular bead.
Cleaning & DisposalClean tools and hands with soapy water. Do not dispose of into water or soil but according to local regulations.
Precautions & LimitationsDo not use on dusty or damp surfaces.
Health & safetyOzone PU Sealer is not classified as dangerous. During application wear suitable protective clothing, gloves, and eye protection.

WARRANTY: Ozone products are guaranteed against defective materials and manufacture and are sold subject to their standard terms and conditions of sale. Ozone makes no warranties, implied or otherwise, as to the merchantability or fitness for ordinary or particular purposes of its products and excludes the same. If any Ozone product fails to conform to this warranty, Ozone will replace the product at no cost to the Buyer. Replacement of any product shall be the sole and exclusive remedy available and the buyer shall have no claim for incidental or consequential damages. Any warranty claim must be made period from the date of the claimed breach. Ozone does not authorize anyone on its behalf to make any written or oral statements which in any way alter Ozone’s installation information or instructions in its product literature or on its packaging labels. The user of the Ozone products must test the products for suitability for the intended application and purpose before proceeding with the full application of the products.


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