Ozone Epobond

Epoxy base concrete bonding agent and steel corrosion protection.


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Description Ozone Epobond is a solvent-free epoxy resin for bonding old to new concrete. It is supplied as a two-part material in pre-weighed quantities ready for onsite mixing and use.
Uses For bonding new cementitious materials to existing cementitious surfaces.

For use on horizontal surfaces and on vertical surfaces where mortar or concrete can be supported by formwork.

Ideal for extensions and repairs to concrete in factories, loading bays, trucking aisles, bridges & roads.

Thin section screeds especially for bridge decks, highways, parking decks, and industrial floors.Corrosion protection of steel and silage pit lining and protection.

Features / benefits Can be applied to dry or damp surfaces.

High mechanical strength.

Good positive adhesion.

It can be applied where a substrate/repair barrier is required.

Standard and slow set grades.


Standard Slow Set
Pot life @ 20°C: 35 to 45 minutes 5 to 6 hours
Initial hardness: 24 hours 48 hours
Full cure: 7 days 7 days
Maximum Overlay
time @ 20°C: 90 minutes 24 hours
Minimum application
Temperature: 5°C 5°C
Coverage 0.3-0.5kg/m²

The following results were obtained at a temperature of20°C @ 7 days.

Compressive strength 50 N/mm² (BS 6319, Pt. 2)
Flexural strength 35 N/mm² (BS 6319, Pt. 3)
Tensile strength 20 N/mm² (BS 6319, Pt. 7)
Slant shear bond 25 N/mm² (BS 6319, Pt. 4)
Adhesive strength > 3 N/mm² (concrete failure)
Packaging: 2.5 kg, 5kg unit.
Storage: Store in a dry and cool place below 35°C. Protect from direct sunlight.
Shelf Life: 1 year in original, unopened packaging.
Directions for use: Surface preparation: The substrate must be free from oil, grease, existing sealers or other contaminants. All loose material should be removed. Expose fully any corroded steel and remove all loose scale and corrosion deposits. Steel should be cleaned to a bright condition paying particular attention to the back of exposed steel bars. Grit-blasting is recommended for this process.

Mixing: The contents of the base and hardener cans should be stirred thoroughly to disperse any settlement. The entire contents of the hardener can be added to the base container and mixed thoroughly for at least 3 minutes until a uniform color is obtained, taking particular care to scrape the sides and bottom of the container. It is recommended that mechanical mixing be employed, using a Jiffy mixer on a heavy-duty, slow speed electric drill. To facilitate application at temperatures below 10°C the separate components should be warmed in hot water to a maximum of25°C before mixing. However, the mixed material will need to be used speedily as the pot life of the standard grade will be reduced to 20 minutes. Alternatively, the materials should be stored in a heated building and only removed immediately before use.

Application: The thoroughly mixed material should be applied with a suitable stiff nylon-type brush and must be firmly scrubbed into the surface, ensuring an even coating. The new concrete or screed should be applied to Ozone Epobond standard within 1½ hours at 20°C, or within 1 hour at 30°C and Ozone Epobond slow set within 24 hours at 20°C, or within 8 hours at 30°C. Apply an Ozone Epobond standard and leave for 30 minutes before the overlay is applied to the tacky surface. Alternatively, Ozone Epobond slow set can be used to allow for application prior to the fixing of shuttering or reinforcement. The concrete or screed can then be placed up to 24 hours after the application of the Ozone Epobond slow set. However, it should be left for 1 hour before the overlay is applied to the tacky surface.

Cleaning & disposal: Tools and application equipment should be cleaned using Ozone Solvent. Cured material can only be removed mechanically. Spillages should be absorbed with sand or sawdust and disposed of in accordance with local regulations.
Precautions / Limitations: To eliminate the risk of exotherm, this product should only be mixed when ready for use and then applied without delay. Any unused residue should be poured on to a disposable impervious surface to allow cure before disposal. Ozone Epobond is non-flammable.
Health & Safety: Ozone Epobond is capable of irritating unprotected sensitive skin, we, therefore, recommend the use of a suitable barrier cream and the wearing of gloves and goggles.


WARRANTY: Ozone products are guaranteed against defective materials and manufacture and are sold subject to their standard terms and conditions of sale. Ozone makes no warranties, implied or otherwise, as to the merchantability or fitness for ordinary or particular purposes of its products and excludes the same. If any Ozone product fails to conform to this warranty, Ozone will replace the product at no cost to the Buyer. Replacement of any product shall be the sole and exclusive remedy available and the buyer shall have no claim for incidental or consequential damages. Any warranty claim must be made period from the date of the claimed breach. Ozone does not authorize anyone on its behalf to make any written or oral statements which in any way alter Ozone’s installation information or instructions in its product literature or on its packaging labels. The user of the Ozone products must test the products for suitability for the intended application and purpose before proceeding with the full application of the products.