Ozone Epo Faircrete

Thixotropic epoxy resin base fairing coat.


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Description Ozone Epo Faircrete is a two-component thixotropic, solvent-free, compound based on epoxy resins,
graded fillers, and thixotropic agents. It is applied directly to concrete substrates without primer and cures
to a surface ready for overcoating. The base component is light grey color and the hardener black to
ease the identification of uniform mixing.
Uses Ozone Epo Faircrete is designed for application to minor imperfections in concrete surfaces. It is suitable
for application from a feather-edge to 3 mm and can be used in the following situations:

    • Filling pinholes prior to overcoating with epoxy or polyurethane.
    • General re-profiling over large areas, up to 3 mm depth.
    • Sealing of surface cracks in preparation for crack injection.
    • General-purpose bedding mortar and adhesive.
Advantages Reduces usage of subsequent coatings.
Excellent chemical resistance, strong adhesion to concrete substrate.
Easy to apply and finish, manufactured to meet local conditions.
Technical Information
Appearance Thixotropic paste
Compressive Strength 70 N/mm2 (7 days at 20°C)
Bond Strength to Concrete Stronger than integral strength of concrete
Pot Life 4 Hours at 20°C
Drying Time 10 Hours at 25°C
Overcoating After 24 Hours at 25°C
Packaging 2.5 kg unit.
Storage Store in a dry and cool place below 35°C. Protect from direct sunlight.
Shelf life 1 year in original, unopened packaging.
Instruction for use Surface Preparation: All surfaces should be clean, dry, free from oil, grease and chemical contamination.
Oil and grease can be removed using dissolve. Concrete surfaces should be free from laitance which
should be removed by grit blasting or scarifying.
Mixing: Care should be taken to ensure that Ozone Epo Faircrete is thoroughly mixed to produce a fully
homogeneous paste. The hardener’ and ‘base’ components should be stirred thoroughly in order to
disperse any settlement before mixing them together. The entire contents of the ‘hardener’ should be
emptied into the ‘base’ container and the components mixed together using a mixing paddle attached to a
slow speed (400/500rpm) heavy-duty drill until a uniform grey color and consistency is obtained. Mixing
of 2.5kg unit can be done by hand but care must be taken to ensure homogenous mixing. Under no
circumstances should part packs be used, or part mixing is attempted.
Application: Due to the easy workability of the product, a variety of instruments such as trowel, scraper,
filling knife and squeegee can be used. After mixing, the material can be taken directly from the can, or
subdivided onto spot boards for individual applicators. Ozone Epo Faircrete can be over coated with all
epoxy coatings after a minimum curing period of 24 hours. Prior to overcoating, the surface of the fully
cured Ozone Epo Faircrete should first be abraded to assist adhesion, and then cleaned to a dust-free
Cleaning & Disposal Ozone Epo Faircrete should be removed from tools, equipment, and mixers with Ozone Solvent
immediately after use. Hardened material can only be removed mechanically. Do not dispose of into
water or soil but according to local regulations.
Precautions/Limitations Minimum application temperature 5 C. It is recommended that concrete substrates should not have a
moisture content of more than 75% RH.
Health & safety Ozone Epo Faircrete like similar products are capable of irritating unprotected sensitive skin, we
therefore recommend the use of a suitable barrier cream and the wearing of gloves and goggles.

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