Ozone Curecrete W

White pigmented curing compound.



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Description Ozone Curecrete W is a white pigmented wax emulsion curing compound for new concrete requiring a reflective curing membrane. It maintains adequate moisture in new concrete so that desired properties, such as strength and durability, can develop. This white pigmented formulation also reflects sunlight, easy identification and helping to keep concrete cool when placed in hot weather.
Primary Applications Exterior paving.
Walls, columns and highway barriers.
Residential concrete.
Sidewalks, curbs, and gutters.
Bridge decks and parapet walls.
Commercial concrete.
Irrigation canals/channels.
Advantages Forms an efficient moisture barrier for optimum curing of concrete.
It helps ensure proper cement hydration.
Zero VOC’s.
Designed primarily for exterior applications where sunlight reflectivity is needed.
No odor.
Enhances visibility and reduced heat build-up from the sun.
Specifications ASTM C 309, Type 2, Class A, AASHTO M 148, Type 2, Class A & B
Packaging 200 Ltr. drums, 1000 Ltr. totes and bulk.
Storage Store in dry and cool place below 35 C. Protect from direct sunlight.
Shelf life 12 months if stored properly in original unopened packaging.
Appearance White liquid
Specific gravity 0.99 at 20°C approx
Drying time 2-3 hours at 30°C
Reflectance value: 60%
Instruction for use Surface Preparation: This product is designed for use on fresh concrete only. The concrete surface should first be finished to the desired texture. Allow the surface water to evaporate for ½- 2 hours depending on temperature etc before application.
Mixing: Agitate before using. Material may separate during long term storage. Mild agitation is recommended before usage.
Application: Apply a uniform coverage by spray or roller application. The product may be sprayed with a handheld “pump-up” sprayer or with an airless industrial sprayer. If roller applied, use a short nap sleeve.
Smooth Concrete 5-6 m /Ltr (0.15-0.20 ltr/m )
Textured Concrete 4-5 m /Ltr (0.20-0.25 ltr/m )
Cleaning & Disposal Ozone Curecrete W may be removed from tools and equipment with warm, soapy water before the dries. Don’t dispose of into water or soil but according to local regulations.
Precautions/Limitations Do not allow containers of product to freeze.
For best application results, product temperature should be between 10°C to 38°C with ambient and surface temperatures between 7°C to 45°C.
Complete removal is necessary before installing adhesives, carpet, tile, or other coverings.
Do not subject to rain or water for 3-4 hours after application.
Do not thin this product with water or other solvents.
Health & safety In case of contact with the skin, wash immediately with soap and water, In case of contact with the eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. If swallowed seek medical attention immediately, do not induce vomiting. Skin barrier cream, safety goggles, and rubber gloves are
recommended. carried out in accordance with local legislation under the guidance of the local waste regulatory authority.

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