About Us

What nature performs, science tries to duplicate and then works to improve upon. Ozone created by a natural phenomenon provides many benefits to mankind that science had to harness the energy and recreate the process. As nature protecting this world we are doing our best to follow nature for protection and durability of our every constructed project. We are trying to protect every asset for ourselves and generations, because every project is the asset of next generation. we believe that connecting chemistry and innovation can generate new ways to solve challenges that lead to win customer delight. With the exposure and experience of decades and help of relevant R&D we know what the solution is and which product is suitable for relevant problem. We believe that providing best to our customer will win their faith and that faith will be our strength.

Belief and culture

At Ozone, we believe that connecting chemistry and innovation can generate new ways to solve challenges and exceed customer expectations.


Ozone's policy is to be lawful, highly-principled and socially responsible in all of its business practices. Ozone expects employees to learn and comply with all company policies and laws applicable to their job responsibilities and to adhere to the guiding principles outlined in this Code.

Quality Culture

Ozone Quality Management System ensures that customers receive quality, reliability and integrity in the products and services Ozone provides to them, and that customers’ needs and requirements are met. The system calls for strict adherence to specifications, as well as regulatory and quality requirements.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Ozone, diversity and inclusion are inherent in our work environment. We value the differing experiences, backgrounds and perspectives among our employees, and draw from those differences to fuel innovation. We are committed to building a vibrant, diverse and talented employee base - and helping each employee grow and develop as part of Ozone's inclusive global community